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Published:2014-09-11 【RETURN】

The ninth session of the China international power transmission and control show officially opened

In June 28, 2013, the ninth session of the China (Beijing) international power transmission and control technology exhibition in Chinese International Exhibition Center (Sanyuanqiao Museum) officially began, the grand opening ceremony of the exhibition will begin at nine thirty this morning with the admission and leadership succession. This exhibition a total of 8 exhibition halls, than in previous years has nearly doubled in the exhibition area, the size of 60000 square metres, exhibitors number more than 650, radiation range in Beijing as the core for the entire Asia Pacific region for the first time as an independent subject, the achievement of CIPTC North China the only professional industry annual meeting.

Power transmission and control technology exhibition will showcase the powertrain control technology industry chain, is a current situation of the development of the cutting section of peep industry. This set up a total of 5 major technology themed areas, including fluid power systems and components, air compressor, power and generating sets, electric drive, also held meetings and activities of multi field, were invited to the relevant government department in charge of the leadership and power transmission and automatic control applications in the field of associations and research institutes to participate in, to China Association of machinery industry, equipment management China international cooperation and consulting service center for the organizers to Europe, mechanical drive industry association, chamber of Commerce, the German Association USA power transmission, mechanical transmission gear and transmission parts of Italy Association for the host unit, moderated the industry feast, open trade, exchange and communication of industrial control and transmission of the industrial chain.

The exhibition is organized by the Beijing huamaolian exhibition company, China mechanical transmission network and the Union website Chinese reducer, gear mesh, mesh Chinese China industrial alliance as the exhibition mainly invited the media to participate in this exhibition.

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