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Published:2014-09-11 【RETURN】

Scientists will send a robot to hitchhike across Canada (map)

Chinese network July 14th news according to the French "Le Figaro" website reported on July 12th, July 27th, a man named "HitchBot" of the robot will start its trip to Canada. Six year old child about the same height, the foot wears a pair of red boots, HitchBot of the journey up to 6 more than 1000 km. From Canada, the eastern port city of Halifax to the western port of Vitoria, can be said to be across canada. Of course, his journey is not alone. The scientists put it on a main road, set out to hitchhike gesture, warm-hearted drivers pass by HitchBot will rely on the journey, even need the driver with a lighter to help it charge.

Treat the robot in the external environment through the observation of the way people, this novel small experiment can be friendly and warm-hearted people degree test. The core objective of the experiments is: To study people trust degree of the new technology has not yet familiar with the. "Usually, we often ask ourselves, whether humans believe that robots...... This project presents another view: whether the robot to trust humans?" One of the project initiators, Professor Frauke Zeller made in an interview with the "Daily Mail".

However, the robot’s inventors do not expect HitchBot to be enthusiastic smooth hooked up with the driver, and reach the final destination. Because, HitchBot is not interested in learning to speak. In the face of all the possible, it can only rely on the implanted mass Wikipedia knowledge analysis and dialogue. In addition, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to Canada, people all over the world can follow the pace of the HitchBot, to participate in this fun adventure. HitchBot is equipped with a special camera and 3G network connection. It can automatically and timely sharing of video on the web. It even has a dedicated Twitter account! Only a fly in the ointment point: in such a bilingual country Canada, HitchBot actually can’t speak French!

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