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Published:2014-09-11 【RETURN】

2014 China (International) power transmission

2014 China (International) power transmission and control technology exhibition May heavy landing Shanghai -- the fastest industry information as CHINA PTE in Shanghai in 2013 2014, September 10 - 2014 Asian international power transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Asia International Power Transmission Exhibition) will be in 2014 May 14-16 grand landing Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, again for the power transmission industry in an exciting gluttonous feast. It is expected, 600 overseas exhibitors together to this event, in more than 2 square meters exhibition area to display on the field of fluid transmission and mechanical transmission of the latest products and cutting-edge technology, leading the industry trend of development, is expected to attract from around the world more than 40 countries and regions in related fields 30000 visitors come to visit and negotiate business. The global economic cold wave to the domestic power transmission control industry development has brought serious challenges, but Chinese government followed by a series of acceleration of the equipment manufacturing industry structural adjustment measures show an important position in a crisis of this important industry in our national economy. As the provision of technical equipment basic industry for China’s economic development and national defense construction, equipment manufacturing industry of our country to promote the strategic adjustment of the economic structure, promote industrial upgrading, expanding domestic demand, the realization of the sustainable economic development strategy is very important. Thus, the whole Machinery Industry Association Asia international power transmission show also will be in the policy heaters directly benefit, the domestic market demand for basic components of machinery engineering will rise substantially, the good development of the exhibition to show the worth looking forward to. According to the authoritative institutions predict that in 2014, total domestic demand of hydraulic, hydraulic, pneumatic, sealing products will be increased to 47500000000 yuan, in addition to China parts rapid industrialization needs to rely on independent R & D on the basis of parts and high efficient production to increase investment, the optimistic prospects will vigorously promote the industry to re entered a rapid development track, at the same time also will further increase the pace of development of the Asian international power transmission exhibition. The exhibition will be closely linked to the industry technology effect, pre show publicity "free promotion A: online exhibition, is expected to open in November. The audience through the input keywords, get more exhibitors information. B: "hydraulic and pneumatic seals" and "today" magazine is the hydraulic media designated PTE. The "hydraulic pneumatic and sealing" is issued at home and abroad Chinese core journals of science and technology, widely praised the vast number of exhibitors and visitors. C: before the exhibition brochure. Every November, direct mail 80000 copies, the audience oriented delivery for the application of industry. D: electronic news. The annual super 20 period, sending amounted to 100000. E: the exhibition Associated Media and web site, a total of more than 70, covering the key industries in the application of the basic pieces of machinery. Firmly grasp the pre show publicity opportunity, make full use of effective marketing means, to help you achieve the best display effect! At the same time the 2014 Asia international industrial intelligent and automation exhibition, two big industry event on the same stage, not only for enterprises under economic crisis overcomes difficulties restore market provide opportunities, more set up a trade bridge meets ceremony at home and abroad to introduce innovative technology

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